Ecotherapy retreat with nature connection guides, ecotherapy clinicians, and space holders.

Come rest and reset in the wild beauty of Arroyo Hondo, supported by a team of nature connection guides, ecotherapy clinicians, and space holders.

Release any residual emotional burdens and stress from this last year in the safety of a facilitated healing experience.  Deepen your sense of grounded center through nature connection practices that will support you long-term.

Who is a "helper?"

Anyone in medical, therapeutic, life coaching, occupational, counseling, social, or spiritual support services. Anyone in first responder roles. Anyone who assists birthing, dying, substance abuse recovery, or other direct services to fellow human beings that requires or extracts emotional energy.

Reach out to me if you are in a role you think is covered by the label “helping professionals” as I’m sureI’ve missed some. This retreat is also for the partners of said helpers, because we all know they are the helpers of the helpers and carry a burden too.

Make a weekend of it, and enjoy all that Santa Barbara and the central coast have to offer: gorgeous beaches and hiking trails, family adventures at CircleBar B ranch, and of course, restaurants, art, and culture!   We look forward to welcoming you to the Jewel of the Gaviota Coast!

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Ecotherapy Survey

Please take this Ecotherapy for Helping Professionals Retreat Registration Questionnaire prior to the retreat.

All answers to this survey are confidential and will only be shared with the facilitation team for the purposes of customizing the retreat.  We understand you are busy and welcome your brief and specific answers, in order to give you the best experience.  Thank you!

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