Ecotherapy Garden Design


Ecotherapy Garden Design

Ecotherapy Garden Design services are available for homeowners, land stewards, schools, businesses, and non-profits who seek to transform their exterior environments into calming, therapeutic spaces.  In all contexts, the design is informed by existing usage, intended usage, and anticipated usage.  Sites are assessed for resources and challenges, and designs are offered that meet the needs of the constituents, with an eye toward California native plants and permaculture design principles. 

Santa Barbara Ecotherapy partners with bonded and licensed landscape installers who share our vision for right relationship with the land and land users (human and more-than-human). 

Rates for consultation and design services vary per the needs of the project and start at $150/hour.

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Ecotherapy Garden Design

ARTS Installs Ecotherapy Garden
Click here to read about the mental health impacts of a newly installed ecotherapy garden on the residents of CADA’s Adult Residential Treatment Services.

The Homestead Project

before and after landscape design by Sierra

This 1 acre garden is designed to be a wonderfully nurturing and stimulating environment for a multi-generational family. It’s designed with an eye for therapeutic, regenerative, native-plant-based environments.

An urban food forest is taking shape! Apricots, plums, and passion fruit, oh my! And pomegranate. And blackberries. And citrus… A succulent tapestry is flourishing out by the flagstone patio.  Plums are fruiting; blackberries are just warming up. The dymondia and grass ground covers are filling in and the kitchen garden is raucous.

One it’s all grown in, what a magical place it will be for all three generations!

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